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Currently the KrpMag site is organized into five sections:Home (Hi-light), Fun TV / Internet Radio, Blogs, Friend & Love and Shopping. Get an overview of each section below.

Homepage [ visit  ]
KrpMag Dot Com is an online music news website that offers news, searchs, contents & articles, music and movie reviews, downloads and almost everythings about entertainment.

The homepage consist of the highlights from each part of the website including MTV News Corners, Hot or Not?, Blogs & Links, Latest Entries, Mailing list subscribe box, Gift of The Month, New features and Articles headlines from Blog

The top and bottom of page will provided the navigators and RSS subscribe buttons.

MTV News Corner
This section offers the alternate channel of news content from MTV news feed. The news is refreshed every other hour. Its mostly news are about music and entertainment. Of course there is a lot of celebrity news.

The section will be embeded on the top-left part of every page. It contains 5 news items, the latest news with photo and 4 news items on homepage. Then it provided another 10 - 11 news links on each news page. Also we provided the MTV RSS subscribe buttons on each page.

Hot or Not? [ visit  ]
Hot or Not? section provides a vote-for-fun survey. Usually we put the nice, hot, sexy photos of celebrities on this section and let you vote whatever you like among 2 choices for Hot or Nah..

After you vote, you will get some statistics to let you know about other people's opinions.

This section is randonly embeded on homepage and some of the other pages. That means sometimes when you visit you might see it, but sometime you might not see it. You might interested to visit the section by clicking the link under the vote buttons.

Blogs & Links
Blog and Links is an interesting part from our visitors and our website. A very special website will be placed in this part. If you are interested in having your website here, join the link exchange program first.

Latest Entries & Article headlines
This part of homepage provides the latest articles from blogs. There are 5 headlines and next 10 latest entry links. The Latest Entry links part is on the left side and Articles headlines part is on the main part of the homepage. The main page of this section can be found here.

Our publishers around the world will update this section daily.

Gift of The Month
We have once-a-month game to give our visitors gifts. We will provided information about the game, survey and winning result on this section.

There is no dedicated page for this section, but this section will be the part of homepage and linking to the related pages. Anyway, there is a link for game FAQs .

Useful articles from Mix Articles
The useful articles and stories in this beatiful world will be gathered and put in this section. This section consists of 10 latest articles links from our articles website. There is a main page of this big part here .

Newsletter Subscribe Box
This box is just are all over the site on the left, right, top and bottom. Haaaa. It's mailling list system that we use to send newsletter, update and game rules to our members. You can un-subscribe anytime and we don't spam nor give email to the third party.

Article Blog [ visit  ]
Updates occasionally from us which contain the categories of Gift of The Month  (all games listed this category), Lyrics , Music Reviews , Music Video , New release , News , Singing lesson  and other .

Friend & Love [ visit  ]
The definition of this dating service is designed for "Single people who like a different race than their own". This is a beta version so we let users in for free and will upgrade to many features soon. Let's join!

Shopping [ visit  ]
This section offers best price music CDs, DVD, concert and combo cd of your favorite artists. Support us by buy one of them!

Feedback / Story Suggestion [ visit  ]
When you have a question, access problem, or some suggestions/comments on our website, you can use this form. This helps us improve the content and service.

Neighbor [ visit  ]
Sometime you might be bored when news here have nothing new or after you visit you wanna surf for more websites.

This section contains a lot of links for visitors to explore our neighbourhood.

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