Pantip Academy Fantasia (PAF)

Pantip Academy Fantasia
Let’s update with this fun from big community website at in Chaloem Thai channel.

This is really for people who like music and love to sing!

They were called their program as "Pantip Academy Fantasia". I really like them and then I can’t keep it just for myself and want to spread more to other people to know how’s cool!! This is like a copied from UBC Academy Fantasia,, The popular TV reality show, but this one is kind of cyber world.
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Kurt D. Cobain คุณเป็นใครกันนะ

Kurt Cobain"เคิร์ธ โคเบน" สุดยอดนักดนตรีร็อกแห่งยุค 90 คนหนึ่งที่จากไปด้วยอาการที่ตำรวจบอกว่า เขาฆ่าตัวตายด้วยความสยดสยองอย่างยิ่ง เพราะ เจ้าตัวดันเอาปืนจ่อปากตัวเองก่อนระเบิดหัวตายไปอย่างที่หลายคนไม่เข้าใจว่าเขาทำไปอย่างไร

เคิร์ธตายไปขณะที่เขามีอายุเพียงแค่ 27 ปีเท่านั้น!!

ในยุคที่ดนตรีร็อกกำลังเฉื่อยชาวงดนตรีประเภทแฮร์แบนด์ จนกระทั่งการมาของ เนอร์วาน่า(Nirvana) วงสามชิ้นพร้อมด้วยอัลบั้ม Nevermind โลกของร็อกก็เปลี่ยนโฉมไปโดยปริยาย

จำได้ว่าที่เคยฟังครั้งแรก…นี่คืองานที่ผมรู้สึกว่ามันทรงพลังเหลือเกิน มันไม่ใช่งานที่มีกีตาร์โซโล่ยาวเหยียดเหมือนเมื่อยุค 80 แต่มันคือความโกรธเกรี้ยวและวิญญาณของวัยรุ่นโดยแท้

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Audio Slave กับอัลบัมที่สอง

Audio Slave
He is a high performance song writer that very wellknown in music industry. After the "Savage Garden" had splitted, he has join to work with "Rage The Against Mechine" in the name of "Audio Slave" with the first row quality "Velvey Revolver" and very successful. Recently, he is preparing for 2nd album and already have released some single.

Now, "Be yourself", The new single now hits all local radio station. We are waiting for "Audio Slave" with new album in May.

Listen some single in
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Time to tell. Britney, she is pregnant.

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline
It’s time to tell everybody. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline has comfirmed that she is pregnant after she married for a while.

"The time has finally come to share our wonderful news that we are expecting our first child together," Spears wrote on her newly redesigned Web site Tuesday (April 12).

I found that some of TV show making joke that have kids is always mess, but Britney always say that she wants a kid. So she got it. Hooray.

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Jerry Springer TV Show [The show of wildest]

Jerry Springer TV show
I watched this show for 2 times and I think it’s really crazy and it’s really weird show. Anyway,,, sometime it is fun.
The show called "Jerry Springer". That’s the name of the hoster. (You can see him inside this blog.)

What kind of show is??? It’s about people that have some problem with their love, sex and want to use the show to explain, fight, talk and show their story. oh my gosh.

Today I just watch the show again,,, The story about "I want your man" or something like that. First, the woman sat on the chair and said that she found out that her sister have sex with her husband for 5 months ago. She have been with her husband for 7 years, but her sister just came to stay with her for 5 months ago. (read full story inside both Thai and English)
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Posh and Beckham still keep playhouse for kids

Beckham and kid
Well,,, the idea to build the playhouse for their kids in the "Beckingham Palace" still can go on. For their 3 kids Brooklyn, 6, Romeo, 2, and 6-week-old Cruz, Posh and Beckham have idea to build the playhouse, but have some problem with District council that they must not be used for "permanent habitable occupation" or a "separate unit of occupation."

I could build one for myself as a house if I have money just like him… What do you think?

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