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Experience Thailand Once in a Life Time! After I saw this video, I am kinda proud. I made this page to promote my beloved country, Thailand. I believe you know about Thai food, but why not try the local food in Thailand and you will know the different. No, I am not BS. This is the very truth after I ate Thai food in United States several times.

thailand-mapHere let me explain a little, Thailand, is a beautiful country in South East Asia which have a shape of axe (If you see the world map. We are close to Lao, Vietnam, Burma, China, Cambodia and Malaysia. We are only 1 hour fly from Singapore. If you are traveling in this area, don’t miss to visit Thailand.

Except the capital city, Bangkok, you still can see a lot of nature stuffs, mountain, river, forest, rice field, ranch, farm, and then you can find a thousand of temples all around the country even in Bangkok have more than 20 temples. We have a day trip to make a merit for 9 temples through out the year.

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You could come to Thailand to for many reasons:

  • Shopping – Because we have world class shopping malls in Bangkok and other big cities like Siam Paragon, The Emporium, Siam Discovery, Central World Plaza for luxury items and Cellphone mall (What the heck we have a big mall for cellphone!) like MBK and Fortune and Computer mall like Pantip Plaza, Fortune IT Mall, Seri Center, Zeer and other fifty malls in Bangkok and many hundred mall in other cities.
  • Beaches – We have very beautiful beaches in South and South East of Thailand including many islands e.g. Koa Laan at Chonburi close to Pattaya, Koh Chang, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Phuket, Koh Tarutao, Samed, Samui, Cha Am and a lot in South.
  • Culture – You could experience Thai boxing, Thai martial art, Temples, Float markets, Forest, River life, Scuba dive, Thai food, Thai traditional dance, Thai massage, and finally Thai smile ;)
  • Festivals – We have a lot of festival that comes in all season (yes and that come with Thai local foods and fruits) that you could experience entire of the year. Many foreigner like to live here or even come to visit several times in one year.

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Experience Thailand, Once in a life time. We are welcome you all.

PS. Todo this, I have nothing in return except how proud the Thai I am and this is the way I could do for my country. If you are Thai, why don’t do it just like I do. ;) Or you could just link from your blog/website to this page. It would be appreciated.

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