♫ Listen To “My Heart’s Desire” – Margo Reymundo


I was so late to release this press for Margo Reymundo, a Mexican born singer. The company sent me her press release in February, but I just listen her music by now. Anyway, a brilliant singer like this would always get my attention. And you guys have a chance to win her FREE CDs. (I have 3 copies here)

Fans of Norah Jones would like this album, I think. The songs in this album are good for her and it is quite a strong release album. I would say worth to have in collection. To know her more, visit her website

Here is the single “My Heart’s Desire

Click button to listen:

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Summary of Recently Hot

Here is a summary of recently hot topic. People still read it everyday.

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♫ Listen To “Make It There” – Mutlu Ft. Amos Lee

After I got a copy of album digitally from Miles High Stone Production, I immediately put in a play list and play in a non-stop loop. Mutlu is not just a so so artist. He is selling his art of music and he is a truly musician.

Once I saw a track that Mutlu featuring Amos Lee, Make It There, I am very excited when I was listened because I really like Amos Lee. Here is a track I am talking about.

Click button to listen:

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The song Livin’ It is a hot single too, try it and tell us.

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New Artist – Mutlu. Watch Out The Contest

Mutlu (pronounced “Moot-lu”), is a new Philadelphia artist with the label Manhattan/EMI. His debut album “Livin’ It” came out this Tuesday and was featured on iTunes and Amazon.com as well iLike and iMeem.

Mutlu is a funky singer songwriter with soul and writes catchy pop songs who is a friend with Amos Lee.

Are you listen to Philly Soul? Watch out the contest will coming soon, I am bargaining the contest from the record label promoter for 3 – 5 CDs. Sign up out newsletter and you will get the buzz!

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► Watch Rihanna Music Video – Disturbia

Here is new music video of Ri Ri, Disturbia. This song is so good a long with another one, Take A Bow. These songs are in Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded album with Def Jam.

You are already listen and watch Take A Bow, If I Never See Your Face Again, but You just only have listened to Disturbia. Now this become a music video. Kinda cool.

The video is inside!
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You Still Not Get Over The Gays

Very very intense about fan feeling and our website got so much traffic on this topic. Mark Feehily, Westlife band former, who was revealed he is gay and dating with Kevin Mcdaid. (There are so many related links. LOL)

Anyway, I think you guys better accept what he chose and be peace with that. Don’t whining you are not getting him as a boyfriend. haha

More photo of them are after the jump.

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