Plus Size Are Beautiful!

KrpMag once present about ANTM which is favourite TV program for our readers.

That was so fun and got a lot of participated opinions and I like that sometime the show giving a big chance for plus size model.

BBW (big beautiful women) are in the film, cat walk and red carpet. Of course, they are gorgeous. Let’s see some bbw photo!!
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Rihanna Grabs Boobs Hot – Hits 7,900 Visitors

This must be a first post of 2010 for KrpMag. I wish you all a happy all year long. As the headline said. Rihanna Grabs Boobs was so hot. It hits 7,900 visitors that day as you can see the stat image inside.

The picture was in November 2007 and at that time RiRi still not starting date with Chris. It’s funny that people just come to see a pic and left. It must be a keyword of image that people are curious to see.

Anyway, see the stats inside.
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Adam Lambert Will Come Out on Rolling Stone or People’s Cover?


Adam Lambert hasn’t official come out yet.. So we think that he might want to featured on a cover of Rolling Stone or People magazine like the other celebrities! hehe

Anyway, Popbytes featured him on his blog frequently as he might like Adam so much. Adam and his boyfriend, Drake Labry, are spotted hanging out at Guys and Dolls in LA. See photos inside.
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♫ Listen To “My Heart’s Desire” – Margo Reymundo


I was so late to release this press for Margo Reymundo, a Mexican born singer. The company sent me her press release in February, but I just listen her music by now. Anyway, a brilliant singer like this would always get my attention. And you guys have a chance to win her FREE CDs. (I have 3 copies here)

Fans of Norah Jones would like this album, I think. The songs in this album are good for her and it is quite a strong release album. I would say worth to have in collection. To know her more, visit her website

Here is the single “My Heart’s Desire

Click button to listen:

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