Plus Size Are Beautiful!

KrpMag once present about ANTM which is favourite TV program for our readers.

That was so fun and got a lot of participated opinions and I like that sometime the show giving a big chance for plus size model.

BBW (big beautiful women) are in the film, cat walk and red carpet. Of course, they are gorgeous. Let’s see some bbw photo!!
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New Service – KrpMag Shopping

We are introducing you to our new service, KrpMag Shopping, which you can choose product of Amazon and eBay through our website. Now buying music products and artist merchandises are easier by our application.

This service is about to bring our readers cheapest and best products by integrated Amazon and eBay together. We are finding only product that interested to our special readers. So you don’t be lost in the internet world by so many searching anymore.

The web address is

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And The Most Read Award Goes To Rihanna

rihanna take a bow

I really like the verse in Take A Bow, hot song from Rihanna:

And the award for the best liar goes to you
For making me believe that you could be
Faithful to me

Yes, and it is a big hit of traffic coming! people read and listen to Take A Bow more than the other post for 700%. “The Most Read Award” goes to you Rihanna!

Have you got the ticket for Glow in The Dark concert (Kanye West Featuring Rihanna) in LA yet?
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Enjoy MP3s From Us

Enjoy MP3s From Us

You are not a subscriber? Too bad. We just send out a promotion MP3s from various artists to our newsletter subscribers. But!!!, join now and next time you will not miss them.

Janet Jackson, Danity Kane, Maroon 5, Erika Janye. If you like these artist, support them by purchase their music!

KrpMag Dot Com Statistics 2007

KrpMag Dot Com Statistics 2007

It was a blast!! It was a blast!!
We recieved 139,075 pageviews from 72,874 Absolute Unique Visitors in 2007 and it was 74,489 Pageviews from August to December. (means that last 4 months of 2007 we got 50% increasing traffics)

The traffic source detail
google (organic) 39.72%
yahoo (organic) 22.34%
(direct) ((none)) 10.63% (referral) 4.89% (referral) 3.82%

Our server statistic has a higher traffic report than this public statistic. (read inside)
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