Surprise at Wedding


You know that your wedding should be very great great for your life time memory. I agree for that too.


Recently I have heard about Maroon 5 new single “Sugar” hit the social network with a surprisingly videos at wedding. I think it is a great idea to surprise your soulmate with a stage show of her/her favorist artist.

A good music for your wedding is important because it could make you remember that day forever. It’s also entertaining your guests too. One good option is to hire a DJ for wedding. It’s a bit off topic, but music for your wedding can not be avoid.


There is a good DJ around the world you could hire. a wedding DJ Washington DC, Seattle, LA or maybe in your own country or another country.

What to look in DJ hiring? yes, good equipment and sound system, have a wide variety of music and of course, a good DJ.

Either you are an organizer for wedding, party or you plan to hire DJ by yourself, above comment is very important.

See behind the scene of first topic.

Plus Size Are Beautiful!

KrpMag once present about ANTM which is favourite TV program for our readers.

That was so fun and got a lot of participated opinions and I like that sometime the show giving a big chance for plus size model.

BBW (big beautiful women) are in the film, cat walk and red carpet. Of course, they are gorgeous. Let’s see some bbw photo!!
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The World Is Not End – OK Listen To This Song Longer

Apparently 21 May is not the end of the world so we have to listen to this song longer. I am not sure what related between May 21, 2011 doomsday and Dec 21, 2012. Harold Camping, Family Radio International founder, who boardcasted the predicting about world ends for years and nothing happens.

I love this song from Britney Spears “Tll The World Ends” and yeah.. not yet end..
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