GaGa in Bangkok

Gaga arrived Bangkok, Thailand yesterday afternoon with black suite (leather?), Sun glasses and greeting with fans before leave to hotel with BMW limousine. Before the car move, she raised the monster hand for fans. The concert is on 25th Friday. So enjoy!!

Why Why Why People Still Looking For “Hips Don’t Lie”?

Hips Don’t Lie” was posted on April 29th, 2006 and becomes increasingly favorite post! Why Why Why people still looking for Hips Don’t Lie by Shakira?

OKay, first, I think it was because she has been the singer for FIFA world cup who performed “Waka Waka (This time for Africa)”. But!, it’s now almost a year past!!

Nevermind, if you like it, we serve it! Apparently, old video has been remove… here is the new one.. Officially.
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I am a Fortunate Homosexual Man – Ricky Martin, He Bangs

Ricky Martin has revealed that he is a gay man. I am too busy, but I can’t avoid to blog on this news with this all time favorite singer.

Martin — who has dodged questions of his sexuality for years — just posted the following message on his official website: “I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am.

Ricky Martin has finally opened up about his sexuality and admitted he is homosexual. “Ricky Martin Comes Out” is the big headline for today, but is it really a surprise?
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17 Talents Names To TOP24 – AI9

It is easily to figure out which one is a contestant that just fill the 17 to be top 24. Four of them already vote off on Feb 25th.

Sorry to ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ, nice face, nice shape, but poor vocal. Sorry to JANELL WHEELER, pretty girl, brilliant smile, but couldn’t make herself stand out. Sorry to JOE MUÑOZ, nice vocal, but couldn’t make himself stand out either. Sorry for TYLER GRADY an 80s boy. You should have show some other side of you too.

Who is in the group of 5 to vote off next week? So predictable.. here is the list after the jump.
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Editor JAH is Back!


Our editor, Jeff AKA. JAH is back! I think now he is in a good mood to be back to help us keep the site active once again. :) LOL. He was so busy with his life while he apart from us many years ago.

Please welcome back to Jeff and enjoy reading his article from a hot valley, Phoenix, Arizona! He is definitely a dance music lover and all kind.

The first review would be a new album of Kristine W. and her contest!
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