Surprise at Wedding


You know that your wedding should be very great great for your life time memory. I agree for that too.


Recently I have heard about Maroon 5 new single “Sugar” hit the social network with a surprisingly videos at wedding. I think it is a great idea to surprise your soulmate with a stage show of her/her favorist artist.

A good music for your wedding is important because it could make you remember that day forever. It’s also entertaining your guests too. One good option is to hire a DJ for wedding. It’s a bit off topic, but music for your wedding can not be avoid.


There is a good DJ around the world you could hire. a wedding DJ Washington DC, Seattle, LA or maybe in your own country or another country.

What to look in DJ hiring? yes, good equipment and sound system, have a wide variety of music and of course, a good DJ.

Either you are an organizer for wedding, party or you plan to hire DJ by yourself, above comment is very important.

See behind the scene of first topic.

Kristine W. – FREE 3 CDs of The POWER of Music


Have you read my review yet?  Have you listened to the sample from her new CD yet?

Take a few minutes now and check this out!  Here’s the deal — Get your friends, your boyfriends, your girlfriends, and your club friends together.  Check out Kristine’s new stuff, and send me some cRaZy vibes and reviews of your own!

Look her up on YouTube and check out her other stuff also!  You’ll be surprised at the club hits she has had!

Yes my peeps — I am a Kristine W. fan!  Can you tell?  BUT imagine this – if her album release is already this good, and already covers this much emotion – can you imagine how the DJ’s of the world are going to light your dance clubs on FIRE with her new music ?

Ok, Ok – enough from me.  NOW I want to hear from YOU … ALL of you!  Get your friends involved and feed me some groovin’ eNeRgY!

Oh yeah, and did I mention there is a contest for this too?  SURPRISE!  3 FREE CDs are available of her new album. <remember like always that the Free CDs are only available to our friends in the US & Canada>  Hit me up and welcome me to the website! 
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Usher’s Music Rocks

Music from black people is about right to my ears so I admit this for long time already. Usher is a very first singer on my list that I like. Looking back to all the posts I made for him seems proved very well.

New MP3 for Subscribers May 19th, 2008 12:05 am
Which including 2 of his new songs from him “This Ain’t Sex by Usher” and “Trading

Hot 5 MP3 for Subscribers April 30th, 2008 11:04 am
Which including the song “Love In This Club (Part 2) – Usher ft. Beyonce & Lil Wayne

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Amie Street – Discover Music, Sell and Buy

Amie Street
Amie Street is a music social network where artists can sell their musics on-line and remain their ownership for music. Amie Street is pioneering the concept of “social music retail”.

It’s a good way if you produced your music and still don’t sign to any label, you could sell your music at Amie Street. I would say, even your demo.

Amie Street gives fans the incentive to discover and purchase your music through our unique pricing model. All songs on Amie Street start free and rise in price up to 98 cents based on the number of times they are bought.

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