Watch “Home” By WestLife

Watch “Home” By WestLife

I love when this band cover a song, especially slow song. They can do it very good.

WestLife re-sings “Home” by Michael Buble and this is the music video. Their album already out by Nov 5 and hit the UK chart! Now all curious fans that have nothing to do and always checking if Mark is really gay or not, should stop and get their new album.

“Home” is a cover of the classic Michael Buble song, an emotive and heartfelt ballad, beautifully showcasing the smooth vocal talents of the band. With lush strings, soaring harmonies and an indelible melody, “Home” creates a sound that is both soft and mellow, yet still unmistakably ‘Westlife’.

Watch music video of “Home” inside.. (I also link to the original version) It is really good quality. You would love to download it.

Here is original version of Home


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