Gamers, Listen! What Is Your Favorite Game?

Not only musics, news, tv show. I believe that most of our audience are playing flash game either in facebook or somewhere else. Social networking make it very popular and everyone become gamers.

There are several flash game that interesting such as fashion games. Oh that one is really for America’s Next Top Model geek! and some other kind like hunting games and dirt bike games.

Some people play game from wake up until go to the bed.. many people play at work (as they has a time limited for harvest their farm!) I would suggest that let’s play only game that not so much spend your time with computer too much. The ideal game is the game that can play each time or limited time in daily life. Or even just play when you are bored. Try above games and let me know if you like them.

I also have one of flash game that I play in everyday. The game that I don’t have to control for the fighting, they do for all, I just click start button. It’s kind of tournament fight club or something and when you are level up, you will be given for a strength of 3 kinds of power. You can also have pupils, clan and fighting in tournament in each round in every weeks. You can fight only 3 times a day, which help to limit my time for game each day. I love it that office people don’t have to spend too much time on the game.

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