Hollywood Gossip – New American Idol Winner Season 9

A winner of American Idol 2010 is Lee DeWyze.
Today we have got a new pop rock star, Lee DeWyze, a cute boy who love the music. He has amazing recognized voice. All your hard work paid off. See the video of Lee DeWyze reflects on his victory in full post.

[Lee DeWyze on AP]

The winner of ‘American Idol’ season 9 reflects on his victory and what it means for his musical career. (June 2)

From now on the Hollywood Gossip sites and magazines would have him on their media and I am so glad he won the show. One thing everyone would agree is he is already ready to make an album and I could imagine that his song would be played on the radio every hour.

To talk about who I like to win is…. Siobhan Magnus. Yeah, she has very unique character, but it’s not strong to win the competition. She has almost all time nasal voice singing. But I love when she scream though. It is amazing… Go back and see her performance on “Paint It Black”

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