American Idol Season 9 Eliminated Prediction

I was so wrong wrong wrong on previous prediction because that was before their previous stage performance and most of them did very good job. I was so surprise. This season has about 4 people that I like so far.

Last night I watched the video over again for all Top 8 girls and Top 8 guys now I can see a lot of improvement and stars shining in them!! Here is my prediction this time.

I wanna started on their perform last time.

1. KATIE STEVENS – She tried every ways and took the suggestion from judges. Big song, teen song.. Last time Katie performed ‘Break Away’ by Kelly Clarkson and was not good. Anyway, she is cute and good voice. She did it just like a Karaoke and nothing impressed so the judge gave her the same idea of my comment.

2. Lacey BrownShe did a very very good job!! With her sweet voice and face. She hit the high note and low note very good and also she knows the camera angles so well!!

3. Siobhan Magnus. She comes with an unpredictable song choice every times on the stage!! She got all praised from judges and myself!! (She is a winner in my thought now!) She is so unique. I like her a lot.

4. Didi Benami. Didi brought herself stand out so much this time. Too bad the guitar didn’t loud enough for me to hear anything, but she has all feeling for the song and has “connection” with the audience as Kara said.

5. Crystal Bowersox. Crystal performed it like she own the stage for her concert. She didn’t pay attention with the camera so much as she enjoyed her guitar and her song for the audience more than anything else. I would vote for her.

6. Aaron Kelly – First of all, Kara commented that the song is too old for him. Simon said the different thing as he thought it is a beautiful song. Simon like it and I think Aaron could do better than this because the vocal is not so perfect like he did in previous weeks. Anyway, he did a good job and he is cute. He already won American teenager heart.

7. Andrew GarciaAndrew made his version of Christina Aguilera’s song, but doesn’t come out good as I expected. I also think people would expected him did it better too. Anyway, he is very talent and already ready to make his own album. I still think people will vote for him.

8. Lee DewzyeHe performed Fireflies. With his cute face and that tone of voice, he won the judges comments already. He also performed very well. I think he is still in!

The rest – Tim, Casey, Mike, Alex and all the rest did only fair performance for me.

Anyway I am sorry for Alex. He has a very good voice for make the album. That voice many singer would jealous to have it. He is just kinda boring look and not so confidence in himself. If he could find a way to bring himself stand out, he could be in Top 5.

For my ideal who is gonna be in the finale I have my idea on:
Vocal – Aaron Kelly, Katie Stevens, Lacey Brown, Michael Lynche, Paige Miles, Siobhan Magnus
Unique Style Voice – Didi Benami, Lacey Brown, Lee Dewyze,
Look – Aaron Kelly, Casey James, Didi Benami, Katie Stevens, Lee Dewyze, Siobhan Magnus, Tim Urban
Musician Talent – Andrew Garcia, Crystal Bowersox, Lee Dewyze
Ready for their own album – Aaron Kelly, Lacey Brown, Lee Dewyze, Andrew Garcia, Crystal Bowersox
Camera well playing – Well this one is kinda weird choice, but it is true that some of them can play well with the camera which make them look good on the screen!!. Lacey Brown, Siobhan Magnus

So with those, I would count the point now!!
Lee Dewyze : 4
Lacey Brown : 4
Aaron Kelly : 3
Siobhan Magnus : 3
Katie Stevens : 2
Didi Benami : 2
Andrew Garcia : 2
Crystal Bowersox : 2
Michael Lynche : 1
Paige Miles : 1
Tim Urban : 1
Casey James: 1
*Note: This is my own opinion and it might not different from American’s opinion.

This is the last time I’m going to predict on it and I will wait unil the top 2 – 3 So at the time it is easier to tell who is gonna win.

So I have to cut 4 of them, I vote off for Tim Urban, Casey James, Didi Benami, Katie Stevens I mean, these 4 are not going to win this season as those who left are so much talent.

Are you agreed?

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