17 Talents Names To TOP24 – AI9

It is easily to figure out which one is a contestant that just fill the 17 to be top 24. Four of them already vote off on Feb 25th.

Sorry to ASHLEY RODRIGUEZ, nice face, nice shape, but poor vocal. Sorry to JANELL WHEELER, pretty girl, brilliant smile, but couldn’t make herself stand out. Sorry to JOE MUÑOZ, nice vocal, but couldn’t make himself stand out either. Sorry for TYLER GRADY an 80s boy. You should have show some other side of you too.

Who is in the group of 5 to vote off next week? So predictable.. here is the list after the jump.

1. ALEX LAMBERT. If he can’t bring himself back from dull performance. He is definitely will be voted off. He is just cute.

2. MICHAEL LYNCHE. He doesn’t have a pure vocal and nothing could suit his personality as last time he pick Maroon 5 song which is so wrong. I couldn’t imagine what he could do next round, but good luck big Mike.

3. TIM URBAN. No place for you at all. Your vocal is unacceptable for Top24. I think he won’t stick with top 20 next time.

4. Kinda hard to tell who is the last one, but here I have chioces to choose among KATELYN EPPERLY, HAELEY VAUGHN, LILLY SCOTT and JOHN PARK will be voted off next week, but I think John will get through because of his look and variery of race in competition.

What is your vote off choice?

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