Jimmie Allen – A New Crush, or A Top 40 Comet ?


So we received promotional material recently regarding a new talent named Jimmie Allen. His current home base is in Nashville, but he’s getting a lot of industry buzz from L.A. and NYC already! In fact, his current EMI Executive has worked with Matchbox 20, Collective Soul, and Saving Abel … and the Mixing Engineer who is worked on his first radio release, has also worked with Madonna, Maroon 5, and The Fray! So is this guy a new quick and easy Crush for the fans? Or is he going to be the next Top 40 talent?

Here’s my take on it; I like this guy a lot. I was given copies of 2 songs from Jimmie Allen – aptly named ‘Crush’ and ‘Comet’. I know, go ahead and say it – I’m pretty clever with my use of words, Right? =)
Comet was Jimmie’s first release onto the airwaves and I can totally see why people like this song. It has a good beat and a sound that stirs the same energy as some of the groups mentioned above. It’s a really great first release! This comment in the materials I received from his producer sum it up perfectly: “…the verses pull you close to experience every intimate expression of Jimmie’s performance announcing his immense infatuation with a beautiful girl.” You can hear all of the influences this talent has had in his life from Rock to Pop, Gospel to R & B.

And this guy has a great Bio too! He wrote his first song at age 7! He had formed a band by 6th Grade! He taught himself to play the guitar, drums, and piano! I know this is his first album, and his first release, but this guy has got everything going in his direction! I think we’re going to see the Comet machine of Jimmie Allen run up the charts and become a household name in the near future!

Now moving on to a prerelease copy of the song ‘Crush’ which I received. WOW – now that one really hits my Likey Likey Bone ! He gets a little edgy in this one and I like it! It reminds me a little of Lenny Kravitz! He has some real moments of brilliance in this song!

Overall, I would love to hear a little more of Jimmie’s energy sound like it was coming from deep within his soul. He has tapped into that with what I’ve heard so far, and I think it is his true energy!
Here are some links for you to check him out for yourselves!


Listen to some tracks, check out some pics, and become a friend and a fan! Jimmie Allen deserves everyone’s support! ALSO – I see that he is coming to my city next week for one show! I’ll try to go and get some pics, and who knows – if I’m lucky enough, maybe even a brief meet with the man himself.

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