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Elusive on MySpace. I’m not sure how long this guy has been producing music in Australia, but I’ve had the pleasure of his music and his website crossing my radar recently.  After a brief look at his MySpace page, and viewing his website, my first thoughts were that here was one of those stereo-typical rapper wanna-be’s.  You know what I mean … just another kid unloading his emotions into a microphone instead of seeking a therapist.  I’m kidding of course, but you know what I mean … Rap tends to be an emotionally charged style of music that seems to be filled with anger… or at least it does in my less than professional opinion.  But what struck me about his online presentation, is that the websites and profile had this future looking, Gothic appearance.  I like Gothic things, so here I go!

So hear me out.  Elusive is his name.  His lyrics don’t hold back any punches – and they shouldn’t.   But I’m totally okay with that because they don’t come across as some guy just seething with hatred.  They are just REAL.  Real feelings, Real points to be made, Real perspectives about society.  Well damnit – I like real – A LOT!

So the first track I listen to is “In Plain Sight”.  He says this on the site before I listen to it: “Just had a bit of anger to vent so I let it out on the mic and so a song was born.”  So I’m not into the angry thing, but this was a great song!  I think I liked it because the tone wasn’t full of anger, and yet the words were real.  I got it … you know what I mean ?  I really got it.

Listen to it here: http://www.elusivemusic.net/music/view/?song_id=59

Ok, so then I move on to the track called “Don’t Sleep on Me”.  I’m diggin’ it Yo’ !  <Ha! That’s me learning some new words!> 

Ok, Listen to it first here: http://www.elusivemusic.net/music/view/?song_id=42

So, I’m writing from just my perspective of course, BUT the reason I like Elusive’s music is that he is not dripping with emotion!  I can get on with the words and the beat, after all – when we listen to music, we gain a lot of meaning by how it touches something in our life, NOT necessarily by the artist having a meltdown on a microphone.  So this stuff is COOL!

Wait Wait – a rap LOVE SONG ?!?!  Really?   I love it!  It’s called “The Only One”.  You know – but just laying it straight out, you feel him.  While listening to this song, I found myself picturing it as part of a soundtrack to a movie.  For Real… like something to a movie like ‘Kill Bill’, or maybe to a Gangster movie where you always know there is a girl as the object of some mobster’s affection.  Dude – let’s talk Hollywood here…

Alright – I’m not going to review every single track Elusive has on his site – YOU do that!  Then as I always ask – let me know what you think!  I want to hear from all of you this time, no free giveaways, just my Love!  I have listened to them all, and the 3 tracks above are a good sample for you. 

Even if you don’t think you are a fan of rap, please do check out his website and some of his tracks.  You know what ?  This guy is putting himself and his world out there for us to experience, and quite frankly – I like it, and I think we may see more of him in the future!  In fact – his website states: THE FUTURE OF HIP HOP.  I like how the future looks.    www.elusivemusic.net

p.s.  So I’m done reviewing and listening, then I come across Elusive’s biography on his site … it’s a must read.  No wonder I connect with him, we share some similar interests of study and reading.  KUDOS my new friend.

J. Allan

Editor – KrpMag

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