I Would Welcome Back For Blake Lewis


I haven’t follow the news of Blake Lewis for so long, but now he is about to release his new album “Heartbreak On Vinyl
For a cute singer like him, too bad “Sad Song” is the lead single from the album, was released on July 21, 2009 and has failed to chart.

Watch the new single “Sad Song” inside!

here is a track listing
# Title
1. “Heartbreak on Vinyl”
2. “Binary Love”
3. “Freak”
4. “Sad Song”
5. “Rhythm of My Heart”
6. “Afraid”
7. “Left My Baby for You”
8. “SuperScratchaVocalisticTurnatableLicious”
9. “Rebel Without a Cause”
10. “Our Rapture of Love”
11. “The Point”
12. “The Remedy”
13. “Love or Torture (Please Don’t Stop)”

I just wonder what is that long name song is for and what the song sound like for “SuperScratchaVocalisticTurnatableLicious”. LOL

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  1. It hasn’t charted on Billboard 200, but its #21 currently on the Dance charts…so thats not bad at all…its going up everyweek.

  2. I Love his First album and I love his new video “sad song” it takes real talent to b-box &sing @ the same time & he has real talent!!!!

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