Exclusive On TMZ, Rihanna Bruise Face Pic


I just saw this pic today (it was posted 2 days ago on TMZ) and I am now feel sorry more about her.

Now there is a news about Rihanna is getting cold feet about pressing charges against Chris Brown. Yeah she is probably afraid he will have to spend spend longer jail time, but do the right thing Rihanna! Don’t let the love blind you.

The large pic are inside



  1. Misty March 6, 2009 11:14 am 

    If this pic is of rihanna then why is there a tattoo on her shoulder in the pic. Ive never seen a tatto on her shoulder????????

  2. Misty March 6, 2009 11:18 am 

    Well never mind my friend just showed me a pic of the tattoo. I just still cant believe that he did that to her! I am sooooo shocked! I just want to hear his side of it and that doesnt mean that i am saying he is justified in hitting her because i dont believe in domestic violence. Ive been in an abusive relationship and i can honestly say that she is gonna be a stronger woman after this.

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