Mark WESTLIFE is gay, I hope this not too late to tell

Mark WESTLIFE is gay

I know this about 2 weeks ago because I didn’t update much with this band… ,but after I listen to their song again so I need to update some news about them..
I am not surprise he is gay, but I wonder that he dare to tell and I glad he tell his fan and he proud to be himself.

"Westlife singer Mark Feehily has revealed he is gay. The boy band star told The Sun newspaper: "I am gay and I’m very proud of who I am."

Westlife From last year or two,,, We all Thais know this band so good. Their song and their voices so great. A lot of their song are on top hit chart on many radio station.. Very famous in Thailand.

You like them? Me too,, I like them a lot. A have their CD, Tape cassette.. Hehehe I like all of them.

I know,, you don’t care if he is gay.. but some of you might really wanted him to be straight because you fell in love with him, right? Haha

Westlife singer Mark Feehily has revealed he is gay. The boy band star told The Sun newspaper: "I am gay and I’m very proud of who I am.

"I’m not asking for any sympathy, or to be a role model to anyone else," he said, adding it was "the right time" to let people know the truth.

His family and bandmates were already aware of his sexuality, he said, and he is now in a relationship with Kevin McDaid, 21 years old from boy band V.

"I’m happy, and… I’ve found someone who is a real companion," he said.

WestlifeFrom the pictures, Mark is the second from the left. He is 25 years old.

Mark said: I’m not worried about how people react because I’m happy being who I am.

"I’m still the same person the day I was before. I’m sure Westlife fans will be pleased I’m happy. I don’t think it changes anything."

Mark said: "All the lads in Westlife have settled down and are in relationships, so why can’t I be?"

OK, We all love your song and respect who you are. Wish you have luck after you let your fan know the truth. Love you Westlife!

update: latest photo that Mark kissing his boyfriend click here

80 Replies to “Mark WESTLIFE is gay, I hope this not too late to tell”

  1. Wow…..
    I’ cAn’t belive it
    I am a very very fan westlife fans
    Mark,Are you a real man???
    You have a goldens voice
    But i Don’t belive it
    Mark feehily is a gay???
    It so funny
    I can cry… : ( hu… hu… hu…

    but it’s up to you
    i hope you happy with your boyfriend


  3. i’m shocked!!!!

    you know mark!!!!
    i have a big crush on you!!!!
    why did you do that!!!! Y_Y
    but anyway that’s your life and i have nothing ti do with your decision…Y_Y

  4. Mark, I can’t believe u r a gay. Try to find out what u really want.
    I want u to believe whatever u r I’ll still be ur fan forever.Even u r a gay, I can accept n still like u.
    Believe me, Mark. I also wanna be a singer like u. If u can help me, please join me( I’ll wait for ur reply.
    Your great fan,

  5. i have a strong feeling that mark is a gay but i am quite disappointed because he is my crush and he really got a good voice….. but its okay because i know that he is happy now and i will continue supporting him…..
    take care mark!!!!

  6. Dear Marck of westife I am Odilon frome Antalaha MADAGASCAR I like your vice You are very nice singer and i prefer your voice I want to be like you but in fact dificult for me So i dlike to have cuntact with you about fiendship And i like English songs and i hear that you can speak in frensh this is my cuntactodilon.antalaha@yahoo.frTél:00261 32 47 147 03 Bye and hope talking with you later Odilon frome MADAGESCAR

  7. OMG… am very shock with this articles!!! mark is GAY?? but itz good for him to tell the fans the truth.. i appreciate his honesty. am his fans too.. i would like to give my opinion for him.. i hope he can change his personality back because would he be a GAY for the whole life?? if u wnat to comment back this is my e-mail: thanks for being honest.hehehe.. GOOD LUCK WESTLIFE!!!

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