You Still Not Get Over The Gays

Very very intense about fan feeling and our website got so much traffic on this topic. Mark Feehily, Westlife band former, who was revealed he is gay and dating with Kevin Mcdaid. (There are so many related links. LOL)

Anyway, I think you guys better accept what he chose and be peace with that. Don’t whining you are not getting him as a boyfriend. haha

More photo of them are after the jump.

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3 Replies to “You Still Not Get Over The Gays”

  1. U know what, our gang thought that they both look happy.
    What a lovely couple they are!
    Hope to invite them to our GAY party in Bangkok,Thailand.



    Ps. I thought he might be gay since the first time I saw him on Westlife music VDO, My Love.

  2. 0uch!
    i ♥ her but shes atill a gay
    im dreaming that he cant it be a gay
    but still worthless

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