Piano Lessons


If you are looking for piano lessons in Northampton, Mass. Northampton Massachusetts piano lessons could be a very good choice.

While some other kids wants become a Singer/Vocalist, some other kids also wants become a Musician/Instrumentalist. So playing a piano is a good start for both. Also the music is for all ages.

Teenagers, Adults and Senior can also expand their musical abilities too.

Let see below video of Adrian Romoff

Adrian Romoff, A kid pianist plays Chopstick.

He was a compete the show of America’s Got Talent Season 9. Adrian began studying piano in earnest at 4 and at age 7, Adrian appeared on national television, charming Ellen DeGeneres in an interview. This is what parents’ happiness!

Learn how to play piano today! Who know you might become a famous pianist.

Surprise at Wedding


You know that your wedding should be very great great for your life time memory. I agree for that too.


Recently I have heard about Maroon 5 new single “Sugar” hit the social network with a surprisingly videos at wedding. I think it is a great idea to surprise your soulmate with a stage show of her/her favorist artist.

A good music for your wedding is important because it could make you remember that day forever. It’s also entertaining your guests too. One good option is to hire a DJ for wedding. It’s a bit off topic, but music for your wedding can not be avoid.


There is a good DJ around the world you could hire. a wedding DJ Washington DC, Seattle, LA or maybe in your own country or another country.

What to look in DJ hiring? yes, good equipment and sound system, have a wide variety of music and of course, a good DJ.

Either you are an organizer for wedding, party or you plan to hire DJ by yourself, above comment is very important.

See behind the scene of first topic.

The Psychology of Music

while the song was playing.. lyric stuck in your head…”Starships were meant to fly hands up, and touch the sky”

There’s more to why we like music than just a catchy beat or an easy karaoke tune. Dozens of receptors in our brain respond to different musical aspects like tone, rythm and lyrics, determining the qualities we personally like and dislike. Don’t let music just go in one ear and out the other–learn how to interpret your brain’s response to music, the benefits of listening to it and the importance of music education.
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GaGa in Bangkok

Gaga arrived Bangkok, Thailand yesterday afternoon with black suite (leather?), Sun glasses and greeting with fans before leave to hotel with BMW limousine. Before the car move, she raised the monster hand for fans. The concert is on 25th Friday. So enjoy!!